About me

I'm just a human, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Okay, fine, I'll try. Professionally, I'm a software developer, but I have another site for that. Outside of that though, I still spend most of my waking life in front of a computer, and have done so for about as long as I can remember. That's not that I don't do other stuff. I boulder, sometimes hike, travel a little bit, and so on, but they don't feel so much as a defining part of my life as staring into a screen trying to make things happen.

About this site

This site is just a place for me to ramble about whatever comes to mind. Parts will be bloggy, talking about the boring stuff that happens in my life. Parts will be ill-thought out ramblings about politics or society that will undoubtedly get me cancelled. Anything else? Who knows?

You may have noticed this site looks like garbage. I would prefer to call it oldschool, however. It uses only named colours (though I don't believe they're all web-safe). I at least haven't added an intro page, but maybe one day I will add a gaudy hit counter, or perhaps even a guestbook.

You can find the code for the site on GitHub, if you're so inclined.


The starfield background image is taken from the beautiful Cameron's World, which provided a lot of inspiration for this site as well. I assume it's okay to "borrow" the image as all the content of the site was found on Geocities in the first place.

Another inspiration for the site (not only the design but just the idea of having a place to ramble) is Ulillillia's old website — apparently he plans to relaunch it if he gets enough Patreon money, so go ahead and throw some money his way if you like.

The CSS for the neon heading on the homepage is taken almost verbatim from CSS-Tricks.

For the more boring acknowledgements, the site is authored using Pelican, which is the best Python static site generator I've found, imperfect though it is. The site is hosted on GitHub Pages.