Mon Cube!

In the first blow to my new year's resolutions, I forgot to take my Rubik's cube with me to France when visiting some of my girlfriend's family for a late Christmas celebration. I had it ready to go and I just forgot to put it in my bag.

Technology came to my rescue, as naturally, there's an app for that. Several actually, though the first few I tried were terrible. Knowing I'd only have to use it twice, I settled on the first functional app I found, Rubik's Cube 3D. It's not very good. It doesn't support multitouch, so getting the cube into a good rotation is very annoying. Sometimes the face I want to turn is not the one that does. But for two solves, it worked well enough that I could solve it in around 7 minutes, which is really slow but not as slow as I expected.

This is the first of many short posts about nothing. Expect more. Let's call it a status update on my resolutions. So far, so good.